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Tantra means the "warp of a loom" or the "strands of a braid". Tantra combines physical, verbal, spiritual and mental expressions of each "practice", which braid together creating a holistic path of development. Tantra aids an individual to weave together all aspects of the personality, for clarity and wholeness.

Awakened Coaching has many elements. My path has led me through energy healing, hands on techniques, breath, sound and emotional healing. Energetic and sexual openings and awakenings, many systems of spiritual healing, as well as raising a family and navigating life.  

I have had many spiritual experiences and dived deep into many healing states. My recent  unfolding's  are moving me deeper than ever, and I am inviting you to move into these spaces with me.

Spaces of dissolving the illusion.  Safe spaces to explore  release from past trauma that we all hold.  Awaken to who you truely are, a magnificent being of light.

Awakening with Tantra led by Natalie Z is a path of self development using Consciousness, Infinite Oneness, Conscious Touch, Boundaries and Consent, Sound Healing, Movement Meditations, Energetic Healing..... and more.

Tantra has been my path to wholeness.


Natalie Z is a

  • Emotional Clearing Counselor

  • Energetic Teacher

  • Shamanic Practitioner

  • Intimacy and Tantric Coach

  • Tantric  Bodywork Practitioner

  • All-Love Practitioner

  • Workshop Facilitator

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Mindful Breath-work Coach


Natalie has a deep understanding of  Tantric Bodywork, Teachings and a variety of connected healing practices, and is trained in 10+ systems of Reiki.  She has a successful private practice offering sessions to men, women and couples, and  has taught world-wide.

Natalie is the creator of 0800tantra and Blue Lotus Tantra and has  operated  10+ clinics and  trained staff over the last 15 years.  She introduced Tantra sensual touch to a brothel in Auckland, where it is now the leading  product “above sex”.

She embodies the work she teaches,  and has journeyed through her own transformational processes and awakenings. 

In the last 25 years she has studied with many international teachers including Margo Anand, Andrew Barnes and various  ISTA faculty.  Married to Patrick Zeigler, she worked extensively with All-Love energy for 18 years and is trained in emotional clearing, pranayama breathwork and other powerful clearing techniques.

Natalie now introduces her Tantric Awakening sessions to singles and couples through one-on-one practices, on-line coaching and weekend workshops and evening events.

Natalie z


Tantra Massage and Tantra Healing Treatments are available for singles and couples. 

We also run events and Tantra Workshops. 

We have new offerings coming soon.

We have three distinctly different weekends for couples.  This is the TANTRA MASSAGE weekend. 

See WORKSHOP page for details on the other offerings.

14 hr  |   $775
$500 Prepay
Aug 10-11th


Sat - Sun 9.30am till 5pm

Love and intimacy training

Conscious connection

Tantric Touch and awareness

Spiritual Oneness


Are you ready to Dive Deeply?

Do you desire more love and connection in your relationship?

1 hr  |   $200

Our sexual energy is the most powerful force within the human body and can lead to spiritual experiences accompanied by intense physical pleasure and bliss.

In Tantra, sensual energy is seen as a cosmic and divine experience.  

The experience of a Tantra Healing Session can be profound and transformational.

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Auckland, NZ


Tel:     0800TANTRA     0800826872

Mob:  0274TANTRA     0274826872

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