• Why try Orgasmic Coaching?

  • How well do you Self-Stimulate?

  • Do you not masturbate at all?

  • Is there shame around your sexuality?

  • Do you move your sexual energy every day?


Would you like to increase  your energy, confidence and success by raising and transmuting sexual energy?

Want to feel more powerful, confident and energised?

Want more success, wealth and a deeper spiritual connection?


Learn how by harnessing your sexual energy.

Sexual energy is the most potent available in the body, but it’s also the most misunderstood.



Why Learn To Harness Sexual Energy?

  • It improves wealth, business success, health and vitality.

  • It makes you magnetically attractive  

  • Improve your intimate relationships. 
    It’s the glue that binds a couple together and the barometer of how a relationship is doing.

  • Accelerate spiritual development

  • Fuel your success in business, relationships, finance and career (Napoleon Hill dedicated a whole chapter of Think and Grow Rich to the Mystery of Sex Transmutation, but did not explain how to do it)

Would you like to:

  • Discover how sexual energy can increase your business and wealth?

  • Improve your relationships?

  • Experience sexuality as a spiritual experience?

  • Reconnect to your sexual energy with love?

  • Increase your confidence, charisma and become magnetically attractive?

  • Achieve full body orgasm?


Tantric Awakening runs groups and individual sessions in Orgasmic Coaching.

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