Temple Ritual


A Powerful ritual of transformation and manifestation.


Using ancient rituals from various traditions woven into a trance journey delving into archetypes and underworld exploration of the psyche. 


Want to understand how to use orgasm to fulfil your desires in life? First step is identifying what you want to bring into your experience.  Are you longing for a lover, a partner?  Or does business and generating money flow interest you more?  Whatever you think you want right now…. Go through this process and you may be surprised.


I find there is often a release required to open to something new. Perhaps a letting go of a way of being or something that we are clinging to, an idea, thought or emotion. And when we want something, in a world of polarities, we immediately set-up the “absence of it” by desiring it. Strong desires can initiate the subconscious to bring to us, all that we put in the way of the desire, ie sabotage our behaviours, in order to keep us safe.  Subconscious beliefs may be barring the way for us, while running behind the scene, we rarely see them.


We uncover the “between”, and release through various methods; mental processes,  physical purification, active release dance, breathwork and ritual, conscious touch, and orgasm.


As a couple you can benefit from having the same goal for your ritual as you do it together, although it is perfectly fine to be working with your own desires  and both sending your energy out to that.


The process you move through in this ritual starts with…


Purification on different levels

Outside energies  / 

Mental Release  / 

Physical purification and blessing                

Emotional body  /  

Kundalini activation  / 

Spiritual clearing


Deep connecting to your partner

Eye gazing  / 

breathwork  /  wim hof   / 

soma breath  /  other….


I use a ritual to move you into meditating on a symbol of your intended  manifestation, while creating a day dream state to feel it in the present, connecting with your partner as we move into sensual touch.  I guide you all the way through the ritual and there are several stages that must not be rushed and we allow plenty of time at each state to fully be in the present moment with each part of the process.


The final part of the ritual is sending your combined energy out into the universe to manifest your desire.  This can be completed in a variety of ways, some  couples and groups remain clothed  and work energetically, others prefer  to create magik  skyclad (nude), and use orgasmic energies, which is the preferred method.

I have two first offerings:        

Fri 3rd Jan OR  Sat 4th Jan

4 couples per date


Arrive           6.30-6.45

6.45pm         Discussion of process

7pm             Ritual starts

9.30pm        Ritual completes

$200 per couple

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What an amazing experience, it felt so trance like, I went really deep, and feel very expansive now.  Sam Auck.

Wow that was interesting, lots of ah-ha moments, I feel different.  Peter Auck.

Exhausting and Energising at the same time. Great experience, thank you.  Grace Auck

Your guidance for us was spot on, each section led perfectly to the next, In awe of the whole ritual process.  Mike Auck

 Something I will treasure, wonderful connecting with you in a private session.  Andrea Auck

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