Tantra For Women

Use your feminine energy for the creation of Bliss, in all areas of your life. 

Tantric or Sacred Sexuality is to experience the merging of the Divine (God or Goddess) using sensual energy as the fuel or vehicle. 

Sensual energy is the most powerful force within the human body and can lead to profound spiritual experiences accompanied by intense physical pleasure and bliss. In Tantra, sensual energy is seen as a cosmic and divine experience.

As Women we hold within our bodies the genetic imprint of all the travesties perpetuated on the collective feminine, along with memories of our own physical and emotional traumas, abuse and dis-empowerment.  Along with this we are continually assaulted with images carrying the idea of women as ‘less than’.  

It is understandable we sometimes find it easier to shut down sexually and isolate ourselves. Our own issues of fear and guilt that surround sexuality cause confusion, shame and a lack of positive self-image.  

These non expressed emotions become lodged in our energy body as blockages that limit our ability to feel pleasure.

Many women believe that everybody has the same sexual response, but this is as incorrect as believing that all faces look alike.  How you react to touch, where you want it, and  how you experience it is unique to you. 

Only by choosing to open ourselves to pleasure, to sensual love and by consciously using the energy created to release the blocks, tension and stress, can we release our negative imprints that we so often hold in our sacred space.

Sensual Healing for Women


This Sensual Healing session Does Not include Massage of the Genitals. 

You are fully nude during the entire session, lying on your back on a massage table in a warm room. This massage is designed to:

  • Remove any physical or emotional trauma held in the body

  • Actively release using breath, sound, movement and energy

  • Release relationship ties

  • Release energies from past sexual partners, parental controls, societies programs 

We ultilise a variety of techniques  including  conscious touch, breathing processes and energy work while holding the space of unconditional love.

This treatment is instrumental in opening and freeing blockages on all levels of your being, and shows up in all areas of life.

Every session is different and you may need several sessions.

This treatment is for people who feel blocked sexually, or perhaps are experiencing difficulty in intimate relationships.

It does not matter WHAT particular issue you have or HOW and WHEN it manifested, we can help you clear and feel free.


 $300  90 mins                    



Tantra Healing Yoni Massage for Women


In addition to the session above this treatment includes genital massage, including Yoni Healing mapping and clearing, a deep transformative process.


 $300     90 mins 


It is recommended to commit to three sessions at a time.




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