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Sia Hu Heka

  • Light Masculine

  • Dark Feminine

  • Light Feminine

  • Dark Masculine



Jan 19th    1pm - 8pm   -   Light  Masculine

Jan 20th    1pm - 8pm  -   dark feminine

Jan 26th    1pm - 8pm  -   light feminine

Jan 27th    1pm - 8pm  -   dark masculine

TEMPLES OF THE SOUL are 4 days workshops where you will have the opportunity to explore and unfold the 4 archetypes of the Soul, Light Masculine, Dark Feminine, Light Feminine & Dark Masculine.

***This event is for all genders, all bodies and all expression of human***

Each "day" temple is designed to dive deeply into the teachings of a specific energy through embodiment, ancient practices, a mixture of self exploration, sacred dance and ritual. 

This is a safe container to explore the unique expressions of who you really are.

This work could be edgy for some people. There may be moments on this journey of feeling uncomfortable, scared and awkward which is totally normal and part of the process. You will be fully supported to go beyond your comfort zone safely and open into to all aspects of yourself.

Some practices may included nudity (respecting boundaries)


In ancient days the Temple was a space where men & women invoked the power of the Soul through dance, ritual & sacred practices. Awakening their power and opening to deep states of consciousness. The community and the land would benefit from the group soul work, receiving transmissions and witnessing the sacredness of spirit weaving through matter. 
Temple dancers would inspire, uplift and activate those who were open to the mystery. 

There comes a time in every individual´s life when the call of the soul sounds forth. The personality life has become sufficiently developed and starts imprisoning the indwelling life instead of protecting it. This can occur when we have integrated all aspects of the being, light and dark, masculine and feminine. 

The Soul is the middle principle between spirit and matter; and comes into greater activity in a life when the personality has somewhat integrated and created a grounded field of expression. 

Lighting the shadow, embracing and integrating the hidden parts of our being is essential in order to develop our personality and have access to the Soul.

Saturday 19th Jan – LIGHT MASCULINE 
The Light Masculine teaches us the qualities of Presence and Awareness. It is the ability to witness yourself and others; not getting attached to the form, being connected to other realms with a bigger and expanded vision. Patience, determination & focus are some of the gifts of this Divine archetype. The light of the Masculine helps us to transcend the human form and expand our consciousness to the Universal One.

Sunday 20th Jan – DARK FEMININE
She lives in everyone, beyond gender and sexuality. She is a force often concealed in the deepest layers of our psyche wanting to emerge. The keeper of death, transformation and regeneration, her alchemical nature turns blood into liquid gold. She devours the sansaras of our outworn patterns into unwavering power. 
She teaches us about polarities, helping us to embrace all aspects of our being, not only the light. Facing and owning our primal desires, deepest fears and hidden parts of ourself. 

Saturday 26th Jan – LIGHT FEMININE
She is the gateway to vibrations of transcendental Love & Compassion. The Divine Light Feminine teaches us how to surrender to Universe/God, trusting and allowing life to run through us. Her initiation is about openness, surrendering and allowing. We will experience an expansion of the heart, transcending personality perceptions and accessing to the path of the Soul.

Sunday 27th Jan – DARK MASCULINE
The universal power, supra consciousness in action resides in all of us. Pure consciousness descending from the Cosmos to Mata, penetrating her with love & truth. He will guide us to the core of our being, her power is tremendous and so needed in this life. The Dark Masculine energy can destroy any illusion and pierce any heart.

Sia Hu Heka is a Priestess, Midwife of the Soul, Dance Therapist, Humanity Lover, World Traveller, Space Holder, Ceremony Facilitator and Intuitive Singer.

Her gift is her embodiment of Truth, Power and Love.

Over the past ten years Sia has been working on her inner transformation attending deep programs on Conscious Sexuality, Emotional Freedom, Esoteric Teachings, Ancient Traditions Transmissions & Empowerment Spaces, uncovering patterns that were inhibiting her soul expression. She has been recodingher belief systems which has activated her true potential as a Human Being.

Her life has become an exploration of Openness, Clarity, Love and Surrender.

She is passionate about the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine, Ancient Civilizations, Esoteric Psychology & Astrology, Indian Tradition and Taoist Philosophy. 
She is currently focus in bringing polarities into UNION. Working with Masculine & Feminine, Light & Dark, Ancient Traditions & Modern Society.

She has been touched and inspired by Bruce Lion, Mudra Griebel, Winter Jade Icely, Or Haleluya, Janine Ma-ree, Chantelle Raven, Leyola Antara and many others unfolded Souls.


“My home is my Heart. I travel the world sharing my soul, connecting and learning from everything and everyone. I have the ability to feel the land in every place I visit, becoming the embodiment expression of Her. 
I love inspiring other souls like you to unhide yourself and allow your true nature to Rise and Blossom, trusting the power of your Intuition and weaving the magic of You into this life.

I feel honored to journey with you,





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